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the way of all flesh

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100% maleness

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How Jeremy Irons Rescued
and Restored a 15th-Century Irish Castle

In the midst of a creative crisis, the British actor impulsively purchased Kilcoe Castle, a long-abandoned fortress near the water.
Twenty years ago, this place had been a ruin. Old photos I had seen depicted a run-down structure of weathered gray stone, roofless, its uppermost surviving floor exposed to the elements and covered in a carpet of grass and wild shrubbery. But this morning, Kilcoe cut a mighty figure, its main tower standing 65 feet tall, and the turret, conjoined to its sibling at the northeast corner, 85 feet. The crenellations in the towers’ parapets had been reconstructed to approximate how they must have looked in the 15th century, when the castle was built by a chieftain of the Clan Dermot MacCarthy. A burgundy pennant emblazoned with the word KILCOE streamed northwesterly from the turret’s lookout...
Source: Vanity Fair, October 2017 Issue. Read more.

From left, the castle before Irons began restoration, 1997;
renovations in progress, 2001; a roof over his head, 1999.

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(Sans oublier notre cher Coran/Not to mention good ol' Quran)

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Twinks